Battle of the Dry Shampoo’s

DSC_0741 editedI am a big fan of dry shampoo.  I don’t like to wash my hair too frequently and I like my sleep… so having a can of shampoo to quickly refresh my hair is brilliant.

So, I have tried many different brands and currently have a few on the go, and I’d like to share with you how they perform and whether I will be repurchasing.


I have tried a few dry shampoo’s from the Co Lab range.  They are good and come in a collection of scents and for each scent there is a “Sheer and Invisible” version or a “volumising” version.  I like the scents and the product performs well, however it isn’t my favourite.  The average price for a 200ml can is £3.50 which is more than Batiste, which I actually prefer.


I recently picked up this dry shampoo by Asda to see how good it was compared to the more well-known brands.  I am actually really impressed with how it performed.  I was expecting the smell to be off or overpowering and the spray to be chunky leaving a strong white cast behind.  It actually had a reasonably fine spray and the white cast was not any stronger than Batiste.  There are different scents available and a 200ml can is £1.

Lee Stafford

I am a fan of the Lee Stafford range of hair products, I am particuarly fond of his signature scent.  I picked up this dry shampoo in one of Boots’ 3 for 2 offers to see what it is like.  I am actually really disappointed in its performance, it will make my hair look clean for an hour or two and then it disappears.  The spray is fine and there is no white cast at all.  A 150ml can costs £5.99 so it is the most expensive of the four, and the most disappointing.


This has to be the most popular brand of dry shampoo and for good reason.  The range is extensive with many different scents and colours (for blonde or brunette hair etc.)  This lasts all day, it does leave a white cast but it brushes through nicely.  A 200ml can is £2.99.

So to summarise them all and put them on a podium, this is where I place them:

1st Place – Batiste – for the best performance

2nd Place – Asda – the price and performance is amazing

3rd Place – Co Lab – no cast left in the hair is good

4th Place – Lee Stafford – poor performance and high price tag

I hope this was a good read.  Let me know what your favourite dry shampoo is.

Bye for now


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