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I’ve seen quite a bit of excitement and hype over Blank Canvas Cosmetics the past couple of months and I’ve been really fortunate to have been sent some of their products to try.  I’ve been using these products for the past 3-4 weeks and I’ve been really putting them to the test before writing this review.

I wondered if their products would be any good, as I am always unsure about spending money on brands I haven’t heard that much about.  I like to know products come highly recommended from people I trust so I hope this helps if you are considering picking up anything from this brand.

I was really surprised by the quality of everything I have received.  Whilst some things I wouldn’t reach for on a daily basis, the majority is and I would recommend checking them out!

Let me start with the item I was most taken by, their Master Series Palette One.  This palette is full of creamy, blendable and highly pigmented shadows.  The palette definitely leans towards warm tones which is right up my street; I can’t wait for more palettes to be released as the quality is amazing.

As you can see, from my swatches, the colours compliment each other really well.  They are all matte shades apart from one (which I’ve been using as an inner corner and cheekbone highlight, it’s absolutely stunning).  I have created a lot of great eye looks with this one palette and I don’t own anything else like it.  The packaging is made from sturdy cardboard which is great for travel as it’s so lightweight but it’s not the most attractive looking palette (from the outside) that I’ve seen.

I usually find the ‘free’ brush or applicator that comes with eyeshadow palettes are really rubbish and I end up throwing them away or losing them, but the double ended brush that comes with this palette is all I need to create a quick eye look.  You can pack colour on your eyelid with the flat brush end and blend out with the fluffy brush on the other end.  The fluffy brush is the perfect size and tapered enough to add a darker colour into the crease and keep it tidy and sharp.

I wouldn’t be upset if this was the only palette and eyeshadow brush I had with me whilst travelling.  The palette retails for £29.66 and can be picked up from here.  It has a five star rating from others that have used it so you don’t have to just take my word on how good it is!

Next up I’ve been trying out their makeup brush set in black and rose gold.  Their brushes are all  vegan friendly, feel really soft, have good sturdy handles and they perform well.  The majority of the brushes I really like however there are a couple of brushes didn’t work for me.  The F34 large fluffy brush wasn’t as densely packed with bristles as I would like.  It was a bit bendy so I can only use it by buffing face powder very gently on the face.  The other brush I didn’t get on as well with was the F20 flat kabuki brush and for the same reason, the bristles weren’t as densely packed as I  would like so felt I couldn’t really buff foundation in all that well.

The standout brushes I really enjoy and am using regularly are these little lot:

The first brush (the E06) is a great for eyebrows – the angled brush end has a really nice tip, not too chunky and being able to flip it around and have a spoolie on the other end is so handy.  Both ends have the perfect stiffness to really show your brows who’s boss!

The next brush I am loving is the E07, a small detailer brush for precise application.  I think this brush is perfect for applying concealer around the lip area after applying a dark colour and it needs a little tidying up.  I also use it to smudge eyeliner more precisely.

The F19 brush is perfectly tapered and the right size to fit in that awkward space around the tear duct area.  I use it to precisely apply concealer and gently blend it out in small stroking motions.

The F36 brush is an amazing multi-tasking brush.  I have used it to apply and blend out contour, blush and highlighter.  It is slightly tapered for accurate application but fluffy enough to soften the lines and blend gently without disrupting my foundation underneath.

Finally the F33 contour brush is ideal for contour novices like me.  I stamp it gently into my contour powder, tap off the excess and in a single stamp on cheek I can have well placed contour that is even on both sides of my face.  The shape of the brush allows it to hug my cheek’s natural curve.  I’ve been able to get a strong contour as well as a soft/everyday contour using this brush.

I thought it was also worth mentioning this flat foundation brush too, the F27.  It’s been such a long time since I used a flat brush like this one having been introduced to kabuki brushes, that I haven’t really given this brush shape a second thought.  Some YouTubers I watch use this flat foundation brush to apply their primers.  I thought I would give it a go and I really love it! if you have a brush of this shape I recommend you dig it out and try this technique.  It feels very relaxing and cooling when stroking this brush over the face with a primer.

It is not as quick as using your fingers to apply but I honestly think my makeup lasts longer and the brush also helps get into those awkward areas like around the nose.

Blank Canvas also have some really good sponges, the Airbrush Makeup Sponges in their collection and I was lucky enough to receive two of them to try out.

I love the beauty blender shaped one (the left hand side).  The sponge feels really firm before dampening it but gets really squidgy and soft once wet.  It has a wider base than the beauty blender which I am enjoying because it doesn’t take very long at all to apply my foundation using it, and of course the tapered end to get in around the nose and under the eye is great.

I didn’t get on so well with the other sponge purely because of its shape and my preference for how I apply my makeup but it worked well for cream contouring under eye concealer but wasn’t as good at applying foundation.

Overall I think the brand has some truly fantastic items in their collection.  The brush set is great for novices just getting into makeup or pros looking to expand their own collection.  The beauty blender dupe sponge is also great, and the brushes and sponges wash perfectly.  The eyeshadow palette is definitely a must and would recommend to everyone.

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*Thank you very much Blank Canvas Cosmetics for gifting these products to me to test out.

I hope you enjoyed my review and I’d love to know if you have tried anything from this brand!

Bye for now


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