Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream Vs Nivea Q10 Day Cream Part 1

I have decided to embark on a little experiment!  I have read some rumours that Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream is an expensive version of Nivea face cream so I decided to compare the two and try them both on my face, wearing half on one side and half on another for a couple of weeks so I can report the difference if there is any…

The reason I have decided to do this is because I can totally appreciate not everyone has the budget for Charlotte’s jar of magic, so a purse friendly version that could be comparable would be great wouldn’t it?

The other reason for this experiment is that I’ve noticed my skin getting dry all over, (almost scaly… unpleasant I know!) and I am convinced this is due to the Magic Cream after using for a couple of weeks every day, so it will be interesting to see what happens to the other side of my face.

Let me start with a little disclaimer: I am not trained in cosmetics or skincare in anyway, so my research and findings are only my view and non-scientific.  I love both brands so I am not bashing either.

My skin type is combination/oily.

To ensure my experiment is fair to both creams, I will be applying them at the same time of day, every day and of course will keep to using the same cream on the same side of my face – Nivea on the left, Magic Cream on the right.  When removing some of the product to use on my face, I will use a spatula so as to avoid any nasties getting into the jars (which is standard practice for me) and after each use I will seal up both jars tightly.

So, before this begins, I have compared the ingredients list to both creams.  As expected Charlotte’s cream contains a lot more ingredients, but there are 14 common ingredients that they both have which I have highlighted in yellow.  The ingredients I have highlighted green are purely for scent (perfum).  The number of common ingredients seems quite high in my opinion so I decided to compare another well known face cream (Olay) to see if these ingredients are common across the board.  Olay contains 9 in common with the Magic Cream (those highlighted in yellow and blue) and again, green for scent purposes.

Both jars contain 50ml of product.  The Magic Cream comes in at £70 and the Nivea around £10 (although I picked mine up on offer for £5 in Asda… WIN!).

My experiment will begin on Monday 13th March and will last two weeks.

Who else is excited to find out the results?

If you’d like to see more comparisons like this, please get in touch and let me know what you’d like to see and I’ll look into doing it 🙂

Bye for now


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