Dollibox Subscription Box*

How cute is the latest Dollibox subscription box (and how cute is the name Dollibox?!) containing a variety of sweet little items?

I was kindly gifted this months’ box to review and share with you guys some more information about this monthly box, I hope it is useful and you enjoy reading.

Dollibox sends you 5 items each month (usually full-sized) delivered to your door for a monthly subscription cost of £10. They have partnered with some really well-known brands such as Nip&Fab, Tony Moly, Model Co, and Pixi by Petra just to name a few.  Now who can resist trying some of their products each month?

Taking a closer look at what came in my box, we have a range of useful products that I have already put to good use.

First up is this cute little hair bobble with a fluffy ball (£4.00).  This has been more handy to me than I thought it would be.  I wear my hair down at work during the day but when I get home I usually tie it back so I can cleanse my face and get on with the usual cleaning around the house, so I always need a hair tie.  The problem I have is I am absolutely crap at putting things back in the same place and I always seem to loose my hairbands.  Having a fluffy ball on the end has made is super easy for me to find, it’s like a keyring 😉

Next we have this HUGE bottle of Schwarzkopf Bonacure Fibre Force Shampoo (£8.80).  It smells glorious and feels nice on the hair.  I haven’t been using it long enough to tell whether it has made any positive impact on the condition of my hair but nonetheless I am enjoying it.  I never say no to a bit of strengthening shampoo!

Possibly my favourite item in the box is this Baby Bear makeup sponge.  I have been watching Jeffrey Starr’s makeup tutorials on YouTube (the man’s skin is wrinkle free and flawless) and one of his tips is not to pull down on the undereye skin with a finger to apply eyeliner. He uses a sponge to gently lower the lower lash line before going in with a pencil.  I gave this technique a go and I am actually really impressed with how gentle it feels and this is the sponge I’ve been using (and what better looking sponge to accompany me everyday to do this?).  The sponge is actually meant for foundation and powder application but im going to keep it to hand for this new technique.

There was a beautiful handmade bath bomb included in the box (yes, I am using past tense because it has already fulfilled it’s destiny!) from the brand Skinjam Cosmetics (available from Etsy) (£2.50).  I could smell it as soon as I opened the box 🙂 the scent included was lemonade but also comes in melon and pink sugar. Such a great discovery, I want to look at more non-lush bathbombs and support small independent brands.

The remaining two products in the box is a lipstick by Saturated Colour (£7.00) and a nail polish by Ard as Nails (£4.50).  The lipstick is creamy and opaque and a great addition to my collection.  The colour isn’t a shade I would reach for everyday, I kinda wish it was more of a neutral/nude shade to get more wear out of it but that is just my preference.

The nail polish is 5-free which means it doesn’t contain the five toxic chemicals which makes me wonder why polish usually includes these nasty chemicals if polish can be made without? This cute lilac pastel shade applied nicely and had a nice finish after a couple of coats (although I have to say it didn’t last all that long on my nails without a top coat).  The shade is gonna be pretty for the summer and I appreciate it being so gentle on the nails.  I will definitely explore this brand more!

I really like the different vibe this box has, I can see it would appeal to a lot of people and I am grateful to have some useful everyday products and accessories that I can really get some use out of.

What do you think of this box? have you given any of these products a try?

Bye for now


*thank you to Dollibox for sending me this months box to review

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