I am in Sheet Mask Heaven!

The lovely people over at Beauty Stones have sent me two of their popular green tea face masks.  This sheet mask did wonders for my skin and a product I can see myself incorporating into my weekly routine.  Let me tell you more…

I love the ritual of a face mask, and try to use them at least a couple of times a week.  Not only does it feed my skin with lovely ingredients, it also forces me to take the time to relax and have some ‘me’ time, so when I received these green tea masks I was delighted!

My experience

The first thing I noticed about this mask when I opened the pack was how generously saturated with serum it was.  The smell is fresh and pleasant and comes with clear instructions of how to apply it to the face. The mask wasn’t at all oversized or baggy, and covered all the bits of the face I wanted it to.

Once applied, I pressed and smoothed it over my skin and sat back with a good book.  It says to leave it on for 15-20 minutes but I went a little over that (30 minutes!).  I loved the light, fresh and cooling feeling.  Once ready to take it off, I folded the mask and dabbed and pressed it across my face and down the neck to use up as much of the serum as possible.


Beauty Stones recommend applying a moisturiser after the treatment to lock in the serum which I would also recommend.

Now if you have been following me on my social media, you are probably aware the last couple of months have been extremely stressful so my skin has been playing havoc and having a hard time settling down, and I was so pleased to see that the day after using this mask I had fantastic results and put my skin back in check.  It cleared up much of the breakout I was having around my chin, calmed my skin so it was less red and it has been behaving much better since.

What Beauty Stones about their Green Tea Mask:

  • Perfect for all skin types
  • Made with all natural ingredients
  • Natural fiber sheet allows ingredients to better absorb into the skin
  • Green tea extract combats acne and unwanted blemishes
  • Hyaluronic acid replenishes the moisture your skin lost
  • Antioxidants reach deep into pores to reinvigorate, sooth and condition tired, irritated skin
  • Events the skin tone and inflammation for a healthy glow

“It’s time to bid dull, lifeless skin farewell and welcome the multitude of benefits offered by this Green Tea Face Mask! Our skin care masks are presented on a natural fiber sheet; which makes them easy to use and also allows the ingredients to better absorb into the skin. Each of the nourishing mask sheets has been infused with green tea extract, a natural ingredient which combats acne and unwanted blemishes. The antioxidants provided by the green tea also reach deep into the pores to gently reinvigorate, soothe, and condition tired, irritated skin. The mask will even the skin tone and reduce inflammation for a complexion that boasts a healthy glow.”

Other available masks

If you don’t think the green tea mask (anti-acne/revitalize) mask is for you, they have other masks available which I am sure are just as fabulous:

  • Pearl facial mask – brightening
  • Aloe Vera mask – soothing
  • Papaya – reinvigorate
  • Pomegranate – rejuvenate
  • Honey – replenish

Price and discount code!

The masks come in packs of 6 and are currently priced at £18.41 for a box (which comes in at just over £3 per mask or £2.60 each if you use the discount code below – bargain!).

I have been given a fabulous 15% off discount code for you: BALM15 You can visit their website here

Beauty Stones also have a 100% money back guarantee if you don’t love their products.   That’s how much they believe in their products which is awesome!

My top tips

You know I love a good tip or two, so here are my suggestions:

  • Keep a mask in the fridge for an ultra-cooling mask when you need it the most!
  • Fold the packet over after you’ve used the mask and use the leftover serum the next day, they are so generously saturated you’ll have plenty left over to massage into your face for the next day or two.

beautystones-masks Conclusion

This mask rescued my skin from its angry phase and I want to treat my skin with it on a regular basis to keep it in check.  The price is fantastic and so is the product.

I have my fingers crossed that Beauty Stones put together a “mixed” assortment pack of all of their masks so I can try them all out…. Please?

Bye for now


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