I’ve got the freshest ‘pits’ in town thanks to The Healing Place Apothecary

I’ve been thinking more about my skincare routine lately, particularly the harmful ingredients (such as aluminium) that are in antiperspirant deodorants that we don’t think twice about before applying to our underarms everyday.

After reading several articles suggesting some deodorants can cause  health problems, I wanted to see what safe and natural alternatives were on the market, and I stumbled across The Healing Place Apothecary‘s deodorising products and here is how I got on…

The Healing Place Apothecary, who are based in Oakland, CA, kindly sent me some of their natural, plant based products to put them to the test.

The first thing I noticed about the THP Apothecary is that you can tell from reading their website and social media that they put a lot of love into their products and really care about the ingredients they use and where they are sourced.  Each product is made by hand, in small batches (to a very high standard, I must say!) and I was absolutely delighted with what I had received.  The packaging is gorgeous too!

The founder and formulator, Nubian Flunder, is a herbalist and holistic educator so its safe to say the ingredients are selected to perform well, naturally (and I love her smiley picture!)

So, let’s get to the testing! let’s start with the deodorant.


Deodorant Balm

I was kindly sent two of their scents, the Rice Flower deodorant in the larger tin and the Lavender and Rosemary scent in the smaller, travel sized tin (which is great for travel!).  They both smell very fresh and not ‘heavy’ or over powering.

Here is what THP Apothecary say about their balms:

Deodorant Balm is a natural way to stay fresh without aluminium, parabens, mineral oil or other toxic chemicals. It is effective yet skin nourishing.

The main ingredients

organic aloe butter, organic corn starch, arrow root powder, sodium bicarbonate, kaolin clay and lllipe butter


The style of the product makes it a little fiddly to apply when compared to the more traditional spray can or roll on deodorant we are all used to, but I have now perfected my application technique! Once I have stepped out of a hot shower, I open the tin and rub my thumb in circular motions to warm the product gently and apply what product I have on my thumb to my armpit.  The good thing about this application method is no cold shock in the winter when applying a spray! we’ve all been there 🙂

The product is not oily to the touch and has a powder finish.  It isn’t sticky and feels extremely light and fresh on the skin.  You don’t need much  to achieve a good coverage.

You are also able to dress straight away, I haven’t noticed any marking on my clothing which is down to the powder finish this product has.  I also like the size of the tin as it is easy to transport.


Let me start by saying I don’t really consider myself to be a really sweaty person on an average day (i.e. no intensive exercise) but always apply deodorant at the start of each day.  I usually use a spray antiperspirant, mainly for the ease of application.  I would sometimes feel sensitivity and irritation under my arms (sometimes little raised bumps) which I never thought too much about before.

The deodorant balm, whilst it is slightly awkward to apply, I would say it’s performance on me is comparable to the spray I was using.  I still feel fresh towards the end of the day and I love the light feeling it has on the skin, and it still feels like my skin can breath.  The other difference I have have noticed is the texture and sensitivity of my underarms since using the balm.  It feels smooth and soft and isn’t irritated anymore.  Good bye bumps!

Available scents

They have a few different fragrances available, all unisex (each listed below is a link to the product)

Let me tell you about the awesome pit scrub next:


The Pit Scrub

The scrub smells absolutely divine.  It is a thick texture full of natural goodies to gently clean away bacteria and dead skin.  The link to the scrub is here.

Here is what THP Apothecary say about their scrub:

Pit scrub uses essential oils of peppermint, tea tree and eucalyptus in combination with organic sugar and walnut shell to slough away dead skin cells and bacteria that causes odour, razor bumps, ingrowing hairs and hyper pigmentation. Shea butter and aloe vera heal and nourish the skin leaving it baby soft and moisturised.


Organic sugar, walnut shell, shea butter, aloe vera, tea tree, peppermint, eucalyptus and lemongrass


The texture of the scrub is really thick and gloopy.  I scoop out a little bit and rub between wet hands and rub the underarm in circular motions on each side.  It feels a little bit tingly and smells really lovely.  You can use this on other areas of the body as well.  The sugar and walnut inside to ‘scrub’ the area isn’t too abrasive either.

I would usually just wash my underarms with a shower gel but I am really enjoying this extra step in my routine.  I have even decanted some into a smaller container for weekends away! my hubby has been enjoying it too 🙂 The scent still remains after my shower, and I think this is a really magical product.


I am totally converted to these natural products for my underarms.  Great ingredients, great performance, good for the body, the scents are amazing, the packaging is great and I won’t be without them now.  I have thrown away all the cans of deodorant I have, I don’t want to look at them anymore!  From now on these products are my everyday choice and there is no going back.

I hope you consider looking at natural alternatives to your deodorant and would highly recommend giving these products a look.

Let me know your thoughts!

Bye for now


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