Limited Edition Beauty Products – Friend or Foe?

I admit, I get very excited for new launches in the beauty industry and often get sucked into the ‘limited edition’ hype (especially with pretty packaging!)  If I know I am going to like it, I feel I HAVE to buy it straight away for the fear of missing out.  When I have missed out on things in the past, it really bothers me 🙁

Lately though, I have been less excited by LE launches for a few reasons and I’ve sat and thought about why that is, let me know if you feel the same!

Is it just me or have brands started launching limited products more and more frequently? As soon as one line has sold they are bringing a new line in.

MAC Cosmetics have a LE collection every month, and collaborations with famous people in between.  It REALLY annoys me when they launch a new limited edition collection and either re-package products in their permanent line or worse, not even give their permanent line any special packaging and try and pass it off as limited.

The other thing that upsets me with LE’s, is when a brand advertises a product or range IS limited, that they only have a set amount made and once they are gone, they are gone, when in fact this isn’t the case.  An example of this is the Makeupgeek x MannyMUA collaboration palette (which I adore by the way!) was restocked over and over again.  I don’t think it’s fair to those people that get it first, or advertising something as limited when it simply isn’t.

A major downside to these special products is when you find something really special and it runs out? My most favourite lipstick in my entire collection is LE so I use it sparingly, so you do run the risk of falling in love with something you won’t be able to get again…. Sigh…

The biggest appeal to LE products to me is the packaging.  They really do pull me in hook, line and sinker and I know I am not the only one! I’ve managed to resist the new Lancome rose flower highlight powder which was absolutely gorgeous to look at!

Makeup aside, I do really enjoy the Lush Cosmetics LE launches.  I love their Rose Jam shower gel which comes out every Christmas time (but at least I know I’ll be able to get it again!) as well as their themed bath bombs around the year for Valentine’s day, Easter, Halloween etc. the products are cute but I’m not too upset when they’ve sold out 🙂

I do think I am toughening up when it comes to LE launches and not getting so suckered in or pressured to buy something immediately, and only really buy something that really excites me.

What do you think about limited edition products in the beauty industry? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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