Lipstick Palettes – The Pros and Cons

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I love these colourful little palettes of lipstick you can pick up from Mac, but there are pros and cons to owning and using these.  Let me share these with you in case you are thinking about getting them for your collection…

The Pros

  • Fantastic for travel
  • You get to try shades of lipstick you might not usually go for
  • You have six lipsticks in a palette for the price of 2 or three Mac lipsticks (although you get less product in each pan in the palette compared to a standard lipstick)
  • You can mix shades together at ease to make your own custom colours
  • You can use them as blush too!

The Cons

  • You need a lip brush to apply them
  • There is no mirror in the palette so applying on the go isn’t that easy
  • You have to carry the whole palette with you if you need to top up on the go – it takes up way more space than a single lipstick

By owning these lovely palettes, I actually discovered two of my favourite lipstick colours by make and own the full size lipstick of each now!

Do you own any of these beauties? how often do you use yours?

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4 thoughts on “Lipstick Palettes – The Pros and Cons

    1. Hi Charlotte, thanks for your message. I am now on bloglovin so it would be great if you could follow! I love your blog and looking forward to reading through it x

  1. I’m a medium skin tone so the two lightest colors in the palette are like concealers on me but the darker shades are really nice. I mix the colors together so I’m able to use the two lightest colors. There not lipsticks or lipgloss’s and they dry down to a luster. They wear off easily if you eat and drink but if your not eating or drinking they stay on a decent amount of time. 3 stars for the color and longevity of them

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