Maybelline Master Contour V

If you are reading this blog, you have probably seen adverts on TV for this product and wonder if it is any good, just like me.  So I decided to purchase it and see what it was all about.

DSC_0720 edited_2


I was curious how this little tube would perform so I put it to the test.  The colour I picked up was in the shade “light”.

I first swatched the colours on the back of my hand.  The contour shade is a cool-toned colour perfect for creating shadow on the face.  It isn’t completely matte, I would say it has a skin-like finish.  It is well-pigmented and not much pressure is required on application.

The highlight shade is a similar texture to the contour shade. I was worried it would be shiny but this too has a skin-like finish and similar pigmentation.  So far so good!

DSC_0722 edited_edited-1

The top swatch is a single stroke, underneath is three strokes of product

Application to the face

I first used the contour shade on one side of my face (on top of liquid foundation).  The application was precise due to its shape.  I decided to try and blend out with my fingers and found that it did blend OK but not as much as I would like.  I then applied the highlight shade and again used my fingers to blend out.  This shade was better blended than the contour shade but still not as perfect as I would like.

DSC_0725 edited_edited-1I wanted to show which brush I found best for blending out and how much product there is by winding up the base

I then used it on the other side of my face, holding the tip so that both shades would lay down in one go and blended it with a small, dense brush.  The blending was much more flawless and I was much happier with this technique.  I then tried a second layer to see if it was buildable and I am pleased to say that it is!  It lasted well and applying powder on top was not an issue.

I would recommend blending out with a brush and using the contour shade first, followed by the highlight rather than both together.

DSC_0724 edited_edited-1

Product blended out using fingertips

Worth it?

I think this product is fun, and for the price-point it’ll be a good tool to practice with if you are new to contouring!

Have you tried this yet? what did you think?

Bye for now


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