My lovely new brushes – Girl Meets Brush

Welcome to my latest additions to my brush collection and they are absolutely fab! These beautiful grey-handled brushes were sent to me by Girl Meets Brush (thank you so much!) and I HAVE to share with you my favourites and why you should add them to your collection (and a discount code)…

Let me start off by saying that all of these brushes are high quality; the bristles are cruelty free and vegan friendly (YAY!), hold their shape really well and feel really soft to the touch.  The handles are slightly shorter than other brushes I own and I have noticed a big difference in the control I have over my application by having a slightly shorter handle.  They wash up beautifully and I enjoy the handle colour and dark bristles too 🙂

So lets take a closer look.

Allow me to introduce you to the foundation brush! There are so many foundation brushes on the market these days of all different shapes and sizes, and it has been a while since I used a brush of this shape and I forgot how much I enjoyed it.

This brush allows for smooth and even application of product, it doesn’t ‘eat’ your products and because it has a pointed tip it allows you to apply product in those hard to reach places around the nose that flat top brushes can’t.

It is also very versatile; I have used it to apply primer, moisturiser, and foundation. plus this brush is AMAZING for applying face masks too, it makes your mask go a long way as it uses a thin even layer and you don’t have to deal with messy fingers after!

foundation brush

Next meet the highlighter brush (top) and the blending brush (bottom).

The highlighter brush has been a game changer in my routine – it blends everything seamlessly together above the crease when things look a bit choppy.  It is so soft and fluffy, this is now a staple tool and I won’t part with it! I have also used it to apply highlighter to the tops of my cheekbones which has worked a treat.

I have also been using the blending brush daily.  It is so soft and gentle that now when I go to use my Mac brush of the same shape, I find it scratchy and irritating…they both wash up great and keep their shape.


fluffy brushes

Next we have the flat shader brush (top) and the blending pencil brush (bottom).

The flat shader brush is the perfect size for being able to pack on colour all over the lid, whether it be cream, powder or pigment and it can get right into the inner corner with ease.  I like using this brush for packing on my favourite duo-chrome and metallic shadows 🙂

The blending brush pencil is also very versatile, you can smoke out the lower lash line, apply a highlight to the inner corner and define your crease with a darker shade; it does all the blending work for you.

flat brush

And last but not least, we have the eyeliner angled brush (top) and the eyeliner brush (bottom).

The angled brush is slim but quite wide so it makes easy work of creating a winged eyeliner.  I have also used this on my eyebrows and it works perfectly.  The bristles are stiff enough to hold their shape so I have been able to easily apply liner using an eyeshadow.

The eyeliner brush is the best I have ever used.  The bristles are fine and glide across my top lash line like a sail boat in water.  I have used it with gel, powder and liquid.  This is my favourite brush of the bunch (and that was a tough decision to arrive at as I love them all!)

other brushes

It wouldn’t be my blog if I didn’t end with my conclusion so here it is 🙂

You need these brushes in your life because they are all multi-tasking and great for travel because you don’t need any more brushes with you (although there are other bushes available on the website) they wash and hold their shape, the handles are really comfortable and the slightly shorter length works really well, they are purse friendly and will transform your product applications!

The brushes are available individually or in sets.  I have even spied they have a beauty blender style sponge available that I will be picking up to try!

The lovely people at Girl Meets Brush have kindly given me a 25% DISCOUNT CODE for anyone looking to pick up some/all of these beauties: please use the code Beautyisthebalm25 at the checkout.

Let me know what ones you will be picking up!

Bye for now


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