Primark Beauty has gone holographic!

This has to be the most unplanned and quickest blog post ever, but I was so excited to have read online about Primark’s new Prism makeup range and holographic goodness, I had to rush out and buy some and share it with you!

Primark’s new beauty launch “Prism” is all about holographics.  It has mermaid/unicorn vibes throughout the new range.  I didn’t buy everything; they did have some cute face or body temporary holographic tattoos which look pretty fun but I knew I wouldn’t get any use from them (I am getting old now after all!) but what I did get I wanted to share with you my first impressions.  There are some good and bad bits here so lets get to it! I hope you enjoy.

First up is this Prism eyeshadow palette (£3.00).  Touching them with my fingers and swatching on the back of my hand did feel a bit chalky and not particularly pigmented, however I sprayed my hand with Mac Fix+ (water or another facial spray would work just as well) and then swatched on my hand and this is what you get! much more impressive.  The first shade is an almost-black shade with purple glitter however the purple glitter didn’t really show up once swatched.  The silver shade next door was the least impressive and a bit blah in my opinion. The next three shades are the standouts.  The middle one looks white but has a beautiful blueish-purple shift in the light.  The next shade is a gorgeous blue that oozes mermaid vibes.  The last shade is my favourite, it looks white with a pinky-orange shift. Glorious! I would use the white-shift shades as a funky highlighter on the cheekbones 🙂

Next we have these two cute lipglosses (£1.50 each).  The pink one has a pink pearlescent shift, very subtle shimmer and the silver one has more chunky glitter inside, I have swatched these below.  They look pretty but I haven’t worn either yet 🙂 I didn’t think they felt sticky when swatching them which is my preference in a lipgloss.

Next we have what I thought looked the most interesting item in the new range, a holographic highlighter stick (£4.00).  It looked like a pretty cool-toned holo highlight with a blue shift and you get a whopping 32g of product.

It is quite chunky and you get quite a lot of product for the price but honestly – I’d say this item is a pass.  The texture is half cream, half solid so it comes out chunky and blotchy and it’s hard to blend out.  It then starts to ball up and I think if you wore this on top of foundation, it would totally ruin the makeup underneath.  You could get the same effect from the eyeshadow palette above if you wanted this shade as a cool highlight, defo get that instead!

Next we have the shimmer sticks (£2.00) which says on the back of the pack they are face paints.  They are in cute little lipstick bullets so easy to apply a nice design on the face and they are all pastel shades with a gold and silver thrown in for good measure.  I think a teen would have great fun with these for a festival or something like that 🙂

As you can see from the swatches below, they aren’t overly pigmented but are pretty pastel shades.  The box doesn’t say whether they are suitable for using on the eyes or not, so I would be cautious and say it to avoid the area immediately around the eye.

Next up is my personal favourite from the collection, the holographic nail polish (£1.50).  This looks great with one coat (more subtle) or three coats (more intense colour).  It does scratch fairly easily but doesn’t show up too much and I think with a clear varnish top coat it will prolong the wear time.  This is GORGEOUS!

This pack of three hair crayons (£4.00) looked fun.  The idea is you draw on your hair with the crayons to get mermaid hair that washes out.  I thought the colour would be quite intense but sadly it wasn’t so (not on my hair colour anyway) and I had to drag the crayon back and forth a few times to get any kind of colour show up.  I think these would only look great on someone with very fair/blonde hair.  The texture left on the hair afterwards felt quite waxy so I wouldn’t say you could get more than a days’ wear out of these each time used.  I love the idea of this though and wonder if we will see similar products come out from other brands (or maybe we already have and I have just been living under a rock?!)

For those wanting more ‘pow’ on their fingers, you can pick up these holographic false nails (£2.00).

Each box contains 24 nails and adhesive and they have been given the names ‘unicorn tears’ and ‘mermaid kisses’ 🙂 I haven’t tried them yet but looking forward to getting these on and seeing how long they last!

 If you are a holosexual as much as I am, you’ll definately want to check out the makeup and toiletry bags they have (as seen in the first picture of this blog) – they have a few in different sizes available and I can’t stop staring at mine.

I hope you enjoyed this quick overview!

Let me know if there is anything in this range catching your eye and if you pick anything up!

Bye for now


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