Product Review: Garnier Micellar Cleansing Gel Wash

I was really excited to read about a new micellar product on the market, as I already love the liquid version on a cotton pad and the micellar face wipes by Simple (which are my absolute favourite!) so I had to rush out and pick up this new gel version face wash and put it to the test…

Garnier says that is an easy to use soothing produce that easily removes makeup and impurities.  It is an all-in-one rinse-off gel wash that cleanses and soothes and removes makeup, even on eyes and lips.  The result is perfectly clean and refreshed skin without rubbing.  It is suitable for all skin types including sensitive.

Its costs around £4.00 for a bottle (I picked mine up from Tesco) and it has a classic Garnier fresh scent that smells oh so good 🙂

The directions say to apply to a wet face, foam up with water and massage in circular motions.

I used two pumps and massaged it onto my wet face and the gel formula disappears almost instantly and because of this, I feel like I need to go back for more pumps of product to finish the job.  It doesn’t feel like it gets into my pores and penetrate in the way a cleansing oil would, but it does!

The only disappointing aspect of this product is I don’t think it performs well around the eye area to breakdown mascara and heavy eye makeup, and if you do get any in your eyes it does sting L (the label says to rinse with water if it comes into contact with your eyes).

I’ve been using cleansing oils for such a long time it was nice to try an alternative to remove my makeup!

Will it replace my cleansing oils? I am still on the fence about it at the moment, but I am going to keep using it for longer and see how I feel, but at the moment I don’t think it will replace my oil cleansers purely down to the fact that it doesn’t deal with my eye makeup as well as an oil can (and I am far too lazy to use an oil for my eyes and the gel version for my face!)

It’s worth a look if you are getting bored of what you are currently using and want to mix up your regime,  after all I know not everyone gets on with oils (and it is great that this gel wash is gentle enough for sensitive skins 🙂 ).

Have you tried out this product? I’d love to know what you think of it!

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