Rimmel Fresher Skin Foundation

I always keep my beady eyes on what’s new in makeup (especially high street as it is more purse friendly!) and this new foundation from Rimmel caught my eye.  I have been using it for the best part of a two weeks now and here is how I got on…

First, this is how Rimmel describes it:

New Fresher Skin Foundation with SPF 15, light breathable coverage for an even, natural-looking, fresh finish that stays shine-free all day.

First Impressions

As the foundation is in a jar, it is not the best for hygiene or product longevity seeing as air is able to penetrate it.  I don’t find that much of an issue personally and I don’t mind as much when the product isn’t that expensive to begin with.

It has 25ml (0.84 fl oz) of product in the jar which is comparable to most foundation size bottles.

The consistency is rather odd – it reminds me of cake batter.  It’s quite thick and gloopy when you poke it, but picks up like a liquid/gel to the touch.

The scent is pretty strong.  It is rather floral when first applied but this goes away after a short while, so again not a massive issue for me.

The colour range seems OK towards the lightest end of the spectrum.  I picked up the palest available in my local Boots store which is shade 010 Light Ivory.  It is a pretty good colour match for me and I often struggle to find shades light enough.



I did notice that when first applied it comes off paler (I looked like Casper!) but then oxidizes after about 15 minutes and turns a shade darker.

It has a satin finish on my skin, which I powder down because I tend to turn into an oil slick by midday.  I would say it is a medium coverage that is slightly buildable. If you are looking for full coverage foundation, this one won’t be for you.

I first tried applying with a brush.  This left the finish streaky and I found it difficult to blend.  Next up, fingers.  It never seemed to sink in when applied this way and I just end up moving it from one place to another.  Finally a sponge! Dabbing with a sponge seemed the best application for this foundation. It blended well and built up just enough coverage without streaking.


This lasts on my skin for 4-5 hours before appearing patchy.  I’ve noticed it rubs off around my nose throughout the day to leave bare skin underneath, which is noticeable close up.  I also found it clinging to dry patches even though I was unaware I had any! Apparently I do! I didn’t find it to emphasize my pores though.

Final thoughts

It’s OK. I love how it first applies but does breakdown quickly throughout the day, no matter what primer I wear underneath.  The colour match was good for me and I think it’ll be my foundation for those Sundays where I pop out to the shops to get a couple of bits; not for days where I need it to look good and last all day.

Would I repurchase – no. I think there are better products available for a similar price.

Have you given this a go? what are your thoughts?

Bye for now


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