The most beautiful makeup storage box EVER

Allow me to introduce you to the most beautiful storage box I have ever seen! My pictures just do not do it justice!

Let’s take a closer look…

This beauty is from Red Bow Beauty Box and it is just stunning.  Not only does it look very pretty and feminine (I mean, come on, look at those handles!) it is also extremely practical.  You have PLENTY of storage for makeup, skincare, jewellery, or pretty much anything your heart desires.  This box is made from really strong acrylic that is blemish free, crystal clear and transparent.  Some acrylic boxes I have seen are a little hazy or discoloured (yellowish) but not this one.  You get instructions with the box on how to clean it so it retains its beautiful appearance.

The unit itself measures 30.5cm width, 25.5cm length and 34.5cm height


So much thought has been put into the design of this box; the bottom drawer has a depth of 5cm, and the other drawers are 3cm deep.  The storage section on top of the unit is entirely removable (you can use this separately if you didn’t want to have it on top the drawers).    The dividers on the top are adjustable so you can arrange it to suit your own storage needs (which makes cleaning it easier too!).  The drawers slide open with ease and both the drawer unit and top unit both have rubber feet to protect any surface you stand them on.


I am still deciding how I want to organise my makeup collection in here, but to be able to have the majority of my foundations in one drawer and to be able to see them through the drawer itself has been such a time saver (I don’t have to waste time remembering which drawer has what inside!).   As my collection is so big, I’d like to get another one (this is not a reflection on the size of the storage unit, believe me it is big enough for the average makeup collection and then some!).  I think one on each side of my dressing table would look great, don’t you?


I really do think this is the best beauty storage unit I have ever cast my eyes on, the quality is outstanding and well worth the price tag, and I hope you think so too.

A HUGE thanks Alison at @RedBowBeautyBox for sending this to me, I will treasure it forever!

The lovely Alison at Red Bow Beauty Box has kindly given me a £20 off DISCOUNT CODE for you (the storage unit is usually £95 but you can pick it up for £75) Please use the code BALM (valid until 30 November 2016) at the checkout (website HERE)

Let me know if you pick one up and tag me in your pictures!

Bye for now


*PR Gift

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