The new Rimmel Scandaleyes Reloaded Mascara

Let’s skip right to the most exciting and unique point about this mascara; it is easily removed with just warm water! Does it really work though? Read on to find out…

Now to me, that sounds immense! So many mascaras that I own look great and last well, but when it comes to removing it at the end of the day, I rub, soak and yank at my lashes trying to get it off.  We’ve all been there when we end up pulling some eyelashes out whilst trying to remove really stubborn mascara.

What Rimmel say about their new mascara

Rimmel London Scandaleyes Reloaded Mascara is everything you need for unstoppable volume! Now with a new formula and max density brush that gives extreme volume and wear for up to 24HR impact that’s easy to remove with warm water.

Rimmel were kind enough to send me two Scandaleyes Reloaded mascaras, a standard “black” (in the orange tube) and “extreme black” (in the black tube).


The Brush

The brush is more of a traditional type of mascara brush in that they are bristled rather than rubber, a good size and slightly tapered towards the end which helps you reach the small hairs towards the inner corner of the eye and lower lash.  The brush has been redesigned since the last scandaleyes mascara.


The Formula

The formula is one of the thicker kinds I have used in a mascara.  It is really opaque and each bristle is coated really well in both tubes I have.

The Application

The application starts OK, but the more volume I try to get from the wand, the more my lashes clump together.  I end up brushing my lashes with a lash comb to try and separate them to give them another coat but unfortunately it doesn’t work well.  I can only make this mascara look good using one quick coat, which is really disappointing. I think this is due to the formula rather than the wand.  I don’t think this provides a voluminous look, in fact it makes it look like don’t have many lashes at all.

The Longevity

I can’t fault the wear time of the mascara, there are no ‘specks’ that fall down under my eye, no flaking, smudging or transfer.  It lasted until I wanted to take it off.

The Removal

The removal is great – I had to try removal with just warm water.  It melts off effortlessly! It really is the most bizarre feeling, dousing your eyes with warm water and your mascara comes off beautifully.

I have also tried to remove it with oil cleansers and micellar water, and they are both effective too, it flakes off into small chunks.


I think the formula is breakthrough – the ease of the removal is magical as well as the longevity.  I just don’t think this makes my lashes look very voluminous.  I am going to persevere and keep giving this a go and trying different techniques of application, maybe a primer underneath to see if I can get it to work for me because I really want it to!

This mascara would be great for someone who struggles to remove mascara and wants just a little touch of colour of volume to their lashes.  I will definitely be reaching for it when I am running errands and bare lashes just won’t do!

My current go-to mascara obsession is also by Rimmel, the WONDER’FULL VOLUME COLOURIST MASCARA.  I really love this and would highly recommend it.

Have you given this mascara a go, and if so, how do you find it? If you have any good application techniques for this I’d love to know!

Bye for now


*this was gifted to me by Rimmel

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