Trying out Korean skincare by Whamisa

I’ve recently got swept up in the current Korean skincare and makeup craze (like many others I am sure!)  and was delighted to try some Korean skincare for the first time thanks to the lovely Yulia and Sun over at Whamisa! They have kindly sent me some natural products from their range to try out, including a toning water, face cream, and serum which I have been thoroughly enjoying, with one solid ‘can’t live without’ product in the bunch….

They have a wide range of products on their website including a vast variety of face masks, cleansers, creams and lotions, eye and lip care, toners and mists as well as skincare products that contain SPF.

I thought that trying to get hold of Korean skincare would be quite tricky, but Whamisa are online here in the UK so that’s amazing! their website is:

Their products are all cruelty free, environmentally and vegan friendly, so not only are their skincare products natural and good for the skin, they also care about their packaging and the ingredients that go into it which I admire.

They are currently offering free delivery for orders over £20 using the code ’20UK’ (UK only).

So, lets look at the goodies I have been using!

Just look at the packaging! From the boxes each product comes in, to the design, shape and the detailing on them, they are so pretty and I love looking at them, and look gorgeous on my dressing table.

Whamisa Organic Flowers Toner Refresh

Here’s how Whamisa describe their toner:  this reviving and rebalancing formula is enriched with lotus flower and citrus extracts. Aloe maculata is used instead of water to maximize benefits. Ingredients are fermented with our signature process to better preserve natural benefits and effectively nourish and hydrate skin. Includes organic alcohol to refresh and tone skin while tightening pores. Helps to balance oily skin.

You can pick this up and read more HERE


I love the heavy duty, luxurious glass bottle that the toner comes in.  The toner itself has a really delightful scent that isn’t like anything else I own.  It leaves my skin feeling clean and soft without it feeling tight, stripped and dry like some toners do.  This has also helped my skin produce less sebum throughout the day, in partnership with the serum I talk about a little later on.

A little goes a long way, so it will last a long time.  When I use this on an evening after removing makeup (or at least I think everything has been removed, I do have a strict double cleanse routine!) this toner always surprises me and removes more, so I have noticed I have broken out less since using this toner twice a day.

Whamisa Organic Flowers Water Cream

Whamisa says: This lightweight yet very powerful hydrating cream is formulated with rice extract and natto gum (fermented soy beans) for long-lasting hydration and supple skin. Botanical extracts like aloe maculata leaf extract and chrysanthemum sinense flower ferment filtrates are used instead of water to maximize benefits. Ingredients are fermented with our signature process to better preserve natural benefits and effectively nourish and hydrate skin. Formulated for oily and combination skin. Suitable for all skin types.

You can pick this up and read more HERE


With this cream I also notice that the scent is unlike anything else I own (in a good way).  It does smell natural and kind to the skin and not full of nasty chemicals.  The texture has an almost air-whipped texture (lots of little air bubbles!) and is off-white in colour.  The jar shape can be a tad awkward if you are used to using your fingers to scoop product from the jar, as the jar narrows at the opening.  This wasn’t an issue for me as I don’t like using my fingers to scoop out product so that I can keep the contents as hygienic as possible.  I was delighted to see that a little plastic spoon/scoop was included in the box, which is shaped perfectly for the jar! Yay!

Whamisa Organic Flowers Sebum Treatment

Whamisa say: this treatment with aloe maculata and apple extracts refreshes, cleanses and brightens your skin.  It also reduces excess sebum without being harsh on your skin. Camellia and dandelion ferments help to soothe and rebalance while reducing inflammations.  For treating excessive sebum. Typically for oily and combination skin.

You can pick this up and read more HERE


This product has been an absolute staple in my routine – I use it before bed and before makeup application in the morning.  I focus it on my t-zone and have noticed a dramatic difference in how shiny my face gets throughout the day.  I use such a small amount in my t-zone.  The texture is quite watery and it smells amazing!

Having battled with my oily skin for years (which seemed to be getting worse as the years have gone on) I think this serum has been a miracle product.  On a typical day, my skin would look shiny on my nose and forehead by around 1/2pm (having applied makeup at 7/8am) and after using this product, my skin still gets shiny, but doesn’t happen until around 5/6pm which is amazing!

I would say that the results are not immediate, it did take a week or two of using it twice a day before I noticed a difference but wow, the results are immense! I LOVE THIS!!


I really think that this skincare range offers something you probably haven’t come across before and feels very different to other products on the shelves, in a good way, and is definitely worth trying if you are looking for something new and effective, ESPECIALLY if you have problems with oily skin as I do.

Thank you so much to the lovely Whamisa for their generosity and introducing me to some fantastic products that have worked really well for me and help me with my oily face! I will be looking to replace them when they have run out, for sure!

What are your thoughts on Korean skincare? let me know what you have tried and how you have got on.

Bye for now


* These products were gifted to me by Whamisa

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