Which highlight brush to use?

After using both brushes for highlight application, I realise that they each perform differently.  If you have been wondering which brush is for you, keep reading…

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I have owned the tapered brush by Sigma for a while and have always used this to apply highlighter.  I’ve always been happy with it’s application and the softness of the bristles, but after watching YouTuber’s apply highlight, I realised most of them use a fan brush so I thought I would invest in one and see if there is a difference and which one I’d prefer.

Tapered Highlight Brush

I like how this brush applies highlight.  It offers a precise application and blends it out reasonably well.  It is also precise enough to highlight the brow bone.  After applying I always go back in with my blush brush and blend the two together on my cheeks so it doesn’t look like I have a harsh stripe of highlight.  This brush picks up quite a bit of product with just a quick dab in the pan, so I always tap off the excess.

Fan brush

This brush (also by Sigma) felt odd to hold the first time, and it was hard to get the right angle on the face and use a side to side sweeping motion.  It did take a little practice but you have to persevere.  This brush doesn’t pick up as much product as the tapered brush and application is also precise on the cheekbones.  I find it provides a more subtle highlight and blends out a lot softer and provides a more natural finish than the tapered brush.  It is difficult to use this on the brow bone because of it’s width however.  I don’t find the need to go back in with my blush brush to blend the two together.

So, which one?

I like both brushes! however the fan brush is now my go-to for everyday highlight as it is more subtle and blends like a dream.  For evenings out I prefer the tapered brush for a stronger application and ease of highlighting my brow bone.

Do you own both brushes? which one is your favourite?

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